Wine tasting has been a favorite pastime for my husband and I as long as I can remember. Being that we would frequent wine country about once a year, we considered ourselves to be pretty familiar with the tasting experience. That is until I started working in the industry. I was shocked to find out that guests should be getting invited to join the wine club! Would you believe that in ten plus years of wine tasting that we were never invited to join a single wine club? It’s true! I couldn’t believe what we had been missing out on.
Fast forward to our most recent tasting experience, this time, we were ready to join a fantastic club (because boy we’ve been missing out!) By our 3rd winery, we still had not been invited to one club. I dropped hints, like picking up and studying the collateral, I would even mention the words wine club in conversation, but alas, no invitation was extended. This made me feel pretty defeated! I began wondering if we weren’t being asked because biases were being held against us? Maybe we didn’t fit the “wine club type?”
No guest should ever feel this way! It is not your guest’s job to drop hints about your wine club! When I talk with tasting room hosts, they talk about the tasting “experience.” And that’s just what it is- we aim to give our guests a wonderful experience. Tammy always says “Wine tasting is more about the experience than the actual wine.” And I know most would agree with that. If your guest has an excellent experience, they will want to come back and they will want to buy your wine. So if you think they would enjoy it, why wouldn’t you invite them to become a member of your wine club family?
The moral of the story is…Always extend the invitation to your guests! It is your job, it is expected of you by your manager, and your guest will appreciate it!
-Susie Tucker
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