5-Star Culture – Building and Cultivating an Inspirational Environment for Employees and Guests | DTC Wine Consulting

Success isn’t about price point, wine quality, or a great view! It’s all about team! Winning wineries have: Engaged and focused management team Clear communication (especially goals, brand, and expectations) Training and skill-building Adequate staffing With these things in place, you will create a 5-star environment for guests…it all trickles down! How do you create... View Article

Reaching Out to Your Exes… | DTC Consulting for Wineries

Reaching Out to Your Exes…Should You?!? Don’t worry, we’re talking about your ex-wine club members here! Those who had so much love for you that they joined your club and shouted it from the rooftops. Sure, they might be gone now, but they loved you once, and they can love you again…with the right communication... View Article

Wine Club Member Path | Wine Business Consulting

Wine Club Member Path When thinking about a wine club member loyalty program, we have to consider more than implementing a “point reward system”. Not everyone values discounts or dollar rewards, and building relationships is still king. Think about how and when you are communicating with your wine club members. Are you surprising and delighting... View Article

Wine Club Loyalty | DTC Consulting for Wineries

“Wine Club Loyalty” has been the latest hot topic of our monthly Roundtable Calls with wineries, and creating a plan or program for club members is not a “one fits all”. There are a few questions to ask yourself, and things to consider before you implement a loyalty program at your winery. Think about the... View Article

Let’s Talk Brand | DTC Consulting for Wineries

Let’s face it. You already have a brand image and I’m not talking about your wine labels.Think about your favorite brand. Do you have a picture in your mind of the products, or the store, or the experiences you’ve had with the brand? Lexus, Tiffany, Target, Four Seasons, Chick-fil-A. These are examples of strong brands.... View Article

Pick up the Phone! | DTC Wine Business Consulting

Outbound Phone Sales, Outbound Hospitality, Outbound Telemarketing… Whatever we call it, the truth is the thought of calling customers and club members inspires fear in the heart of winery owners. We associate outbound telemarketing with sleazy salespeople, but your winery customers don’t view you that way. In fact, they are thrilled when they see “their... View Article

DTC Tips for Wineries | VingDirect Wine Business Consulting

DTC Tips for Wineries Digital Presence – The digital world is always changing so it’s important to stay updated on new things happening and routinely check your online presence. *Before you build anything NEW, or make updates to your online presence, make sure you have a solid brand message with three key points that you... View Article

Elevate Your Guest Experience | VingDirect Wine Business Consulting

Elevate Your Guest Experience We’re all working hard to set ourselves apart by delivering an exceptional experience to our guests. Here’s the thing…we can tell you how great your guest experience is just by asking your employees how happy they are working at your winery. Your guest experience is directly related to how your employees... View Article

DTC Roundtable for Wineries

DTC Roundtable for Wineries Hard to believe it’s been almost a year since COVID closed tasting rooms and changed our marketing world forever. What began a year ago as a weekly Zoom designed to help our winery clients survive, has evolved into a weekly Zoom during which winery owners and leaders learn from and grow... View Article

What’s Your USP? | VingDirect Wine Business Tips & Tricks

Create Your Own Path When I hear “Virtual Tastings” or see another email land in my inbox with those words in the subject line, I cringe a little bit. Yes, I am all for them and they CAN be hugely successful for wineries, generating revenue and new club members…but are you going down the same... View Article
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