Take Charge of Your Brand

Let’s face it. You already have a brand image and I’m not talking about your wine labels. Think about your favorite brand. Do you have a picture in your mind of the products, or the store, or the experiences you’ve had with the brand? Lexus, Tiffany, Target, Four Seasons. These are examples of strong brands.... View Article

Got Wine Club?

To be… or not to be… Some wineries question whether they want a wine club. They are concerned about the consumer’s perception of a wine club. Whether you decide to call it a club, a society, or a membership, there’s no doubt that building a structure for reoccurring shipments offers many benefits. Here are just... View Article

Is There Life After the Tasting Room?

Let’s face it…. the magic happens in your tasting room. It’s where guests connect with your winery and decide whether they will continue the relationship by joining your club or providing you with their email address. Everything that happens after the tasting room is marketing! How do you create successful consumer marketing campaigns? We believe... View Article

Spring Training

Baseball season is about to begin, and so is the busy season at your winery! After spring training for weeks, the players are ready. Your winery team seems ready too, but somehow when “The Show” starts, we have to sit up and pay attention. Spring Training for Your Winery Spring training is almost as old... View Article

Surprise & Delight Part Two

I shared my Enterprise story with you in Part One of Surprise and Delight. When guests are asked what makes for a luxury experience they often say that they were surprised… in a delightful way! What does it take to surprise and delight you? Think about the last time you were pleasantly surprised. At the... View Article

Surprise & Delight

Have I told you my Enterprise story? Enterprise, as in the car rental company. No? Okay, here goes. I’ve traveled a lot over the span of my career and there’s one part of the business travel experience that I especially dreaded – renting a car at my final destination. It was always my goal (and... View Article

Counting Tasters isn't Sexy, but the Outcome May Be…

What is one thing you can do today to increase wine sales to consumers? It’s simple… start tracking the number of tasters you see in the tasting room! You may wonder how counting your tasters will lead to increased sales, so here goes… It’s a fact: - Winery DTC (direct to consumer) begins with a... View Article

Are Wine Clubs PassŽ?

I was first introduced to the concept of wine clubs in 2004. I had just landed in California, working for Foster’s Wine Estates (now Treasury) and a very smart marketer with Beringer explained wine clubs to me. She said “it’s really incredible that consumers sign up for wine clubs… they don’t really get any benefits... View Article

Vine Notes: Data dispel wine direct-sales myths, Part 1

What we expose in this the first of two articles is the truth behind what is really driving direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales, specifically sales made with direct customer interactions over the telephone. VinoPro has compiled data from more than $8 million worth of direct-to-consumer sales made for its strategic partners from Jan 1--Dec. 31, 2012. This... View Article

Visiting Wineries is All About the Experience

Written by Jeff Cope Everybody who comes out of a winery either has had a good or bad experience. The experience the customer has will determine if they come back to that winery and what they tell their friends about the winery. Customers can sometimes be responsible for their own experience, but often the winery... View Article