How well do you know your wine club?

Recently we were discussing direct to consumer sales with a national sales manager. He agreed that while DTC was an important channel for wineries, he was reluctant to support gathering end consumer data for fear that direct sales would compete with the retail accounts. It occurred to us that it behooves everyone in the organization... View Article

Social Media – Three Metrics that Matter

So you’re posting updates on Facebook, uploading photos to Instagram and tweeting your heart out on Twitter. Now what? Once your social media channels are humming it’s time to establish some goals and benchmarks to see how you are doing. But what data should you look at? Here are three metrics we think are important.... View Article

Six Pitfalls of Bad Metrics

A good metric is precise, measurable, tied to overall profit, applicable to all employees, and designed to encourage good performance in your staff. Or is it? These are all desirable properties, but if pushed too far, they lead to counterproductive actions. Here are six pitfalls of metrics we’ve seen in practice. Pitfall 1: Delaying Rewards... View Article

New Social Media Guidelines – Just Common Sense

Unless you have been tied to the tasting room this past month, you couldn’t have missed the new TTB guidelines regarding the use of social media in terms of alcohol. What do the new guidelines mean? Many wineries are asking what this means. The short answer is that the TTB is making social media equal... View Article

What is a brand?

This is always a hot topic. If you think of a brand as the real estate that your company holds in your customers’ minds, then your brand is as diverse as how you pave your driveway to your bottle packaging. Sound like a big concept? Well it is. And an important one at that. This... View Article

Is Your Tasting Room Projecting Your Image?

Technology is wonderful and online sales are booming. Wineries are getting smarter and focusing on things like website architecture (the navigation on your website), SEO (search engine optimization) and keyword campaigns in efforts to attract online visitors to their ecommerce store. The key to all of this is focus. You need to know who you... View Article

10 Tips to Make Facebook Work for Your Winery

Facebook is now big business for wineries looking to extend their web presence. Some wineries report up to 40% of all social media web traffic comes from Facebook. Here are a few tips to ensure you’re getting the most from this free social media platform. 1. Keep it simple. Remember most are reading your post... View Article

35 Tips for Effective Events

Event Season is Upon Us! 1. Have a goal – every event is different. Is this for sales, sign ups, or engagement/loyalty? Make sure everyone knows the goal and organize offers, costs and experiences accordingly. 2. Focus on ‘good’ quality attendees over volume: accredited, knowledgeable writers and appropriate wine buyers, sommeliers and retailers. 3. The... View Article

Spring Training – Getting Back to Basics

We are excited this week at VingDirect because the baseball season has officially begun. We’ve been enjoying spring training for weeks, but somehow when “The Show” starts, we have to sit up and pay attention. Spring Training for Your Winery Spring training is almost as old as baseball itself. Some believe the first spring training... View Article

Where does your loyalty lie?

We all have those companies, brands, or items that we prefer. You know, the items where we’ll drive all across town for if our local store is out, because a substitution won’t do. Many of our brand decisions are based on preference and perceivable differences. Pepsi and Coke taste different. There may be a certain... View Article