Our Top 10 Tips To Save You Time!

Tip #10 – Divide and Conquer When a project seems overwhelming, divide it into smaller tasks. If even that seems too confusing, then focus on the first step. The idea is that if you just take one step at a time, you will eventually walk a mile. So, don’t worry about crossing the finish line,... View Article

Micromanaging | Management Pitfalls To Avoid

We all want to do our best. In our industry one bad hair day could appear on Yelp, and a decimal point in the wrong place can affect an entire team’s monthly bonus. It is imperative that we mind the details, but when does attention turn into “micro-management”. Sometimes we can get so mired perfecting... View Article

3 Simple Rules To Create The Most Loyal Wine Club

Aren’t wine clubs amazing? Name one other industry where a customer gives a credit card and says “I’m not sure exactly what you’ll send me or when, but go ahead and charge my card”. That’s a lot of trust. Check out these three rules of thumb to ensure your winery is instilling trust in your... View Article

How To Get The Best From Your Tasting Room Team

Happy New Year! We hope you all enjoyed a healthy and successful 2012 and are looking forward to 2013. The pundits all say the economy is slowly improving, so you’re likely looking at increased goals this next year. Here are some tips to help you get the best from your team in 2013. Establish Clear... View Article

How To Prepare Your Tasting Room Team For The Year Ahead

Most marketing, sales, and hospitality employees are looking forward to next year and being asked to project programs, staffing and sales. This means going through your list and checking it twice to see what worked and didn’t in 2012. Here are some things to look for when planning for next season. Remember the Metrics If... View Article

How To Win Back Wine Club Members

We’ve all heard the “It’s not you, it’s me” break up speech. And whether you’re delivering or receiving the speech, it’s an uncomfortable conversation. And it’s especially personal when it’s with a wine club member and a cancellation may be affecting your goals or your monthly bonus. We know not everyone can be saved, but... View Article

How To Keep Winery Staff Happy & Motivated

Whew! We made it. Right about now all of the late-harvest grapes are in and hotels, restaurants and wineries are starting to raise their heads from the wreckage of four solid months of tourists and harvest combined. After everyone catches up on sleep and has a good Thanksgiving dinner, you have at least three months... View Article

Five Tips to Make Data Collection Less Scary

So the harvest and tourist season is winding down, and the valley is looking forward to a much needed rest for a couple of months. Now is the perfect time to rethink some tasting room processes. Look back over the past few months when the tasting room was packed. What did you struggle with? What... View Article

Top Tips to Prevent Employee Burnout

Right about now, harvest is in full swing. We’ve had weeks of a steady stream of tourists, and 10-hour days are the norm in the vineyard, cellar, and tasting room. Although a magical time, harvest is exhausting! Here are some tips to keep your team motivated and smiling through the holidays. Think Ahead. While your... View Article

How to Coach and Develop Employees Based on Metrics

As a tasting room manager you have to have a foot in two separate worlds. You are challenged to create a fun environment to attract and keep creative and entertaining tasting room staff, yet you need to put the finance hat on to justify their salaries and hours based on metrics. Just like some people... View Article