How to Coach and Develop Employees Based on Metrics

As a tasting room manager you have to have a foot in two separate worlds. You are challenged to create a fun environment to attract and keep creative and entertaining tasting room staff, yet you need to put the finance hat on to justify their salaries and hours based on metrics. Just like some people... View Article

You Like Me! You Really Like Me! Tips to Sign Up Wine Club Members

Wine Club Members are the Lifeblood of Many Wineries. The fancy marketing name for wine clubs is “continuity sales” – or a customer who agrees to continually buy from you. If you think about it, name another industry that asks for a credit card and says “You don’t know what products you’ll receive, or when... View Article

The Long and Winding Road to Tasting Room Success

Five Simple Tips to Stay On Course There is no lack of data to review when managing a tasting room. How does all this help you reach your goals? You likely have sales goals, traffic goals, and maybe wine club goals. You might also be responsible for managing your costs including salaries, wine pour and... View Article

What are your DTC goals for 2012?

 It seems like the hot topic over the past few years in the wine industry has been Direct to Consumer (DTC) programs. Many wineries have shifted focus from National Sales to DTC. Why are wineries focusing on DTC marketing? What are the benefits? And what are the best DTC programs for your winery? We’re here... View Article