DTC Roundtable for Wineries

Hard to believe it’s been almost a year since COVID closed tasting rooms and changed our marketing world forever. What began a year ago as a weekly Zoom designed to help our winery clients survive, has evolved into a weekly Zoom during which winery owners and leaders learn from and grow with one another.  These weekly calls are now the highlight of our week! In the spirit of the weekly meeting, we’d like to share some of our learnings with you…

Virtual Experiences – They are here to stay!  Virtual is the best way to stay engaged with customers and club members who can’t come to our events. It’s also an excellent way to attract a new audience by creating partnerships with other businesses similar to yours!

Tasting Room – Reservations are key! We’ve always known that having time to really develop a connection with a guest leads to higher sales per taster and a higher club conversion rate. Well, we’ve all had the opportunity to try reservations and the verdict is in. Reservations will become part of the strategy for most wineries.

Outbound Phone Calls – You can still grow sales when your tasting room isn’t open, simply by calling your customers!  Calls result in a 25-40% order rate and higher than average sales per customer. And the phone really is best for connecting with customers when you can’t see them in person.

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