Is Wine Club Still Important?

Absolutely! Your wine club members provide consistent revenue for your winery. They tell their friends about you- they are your brand advocates! And…wine club members are crucial to building your database!

So, now let’s talk about two things you should be focused on to ensure your wine club doesn’t go stagnant.
1. Gaining New Wine Club Members
2. Retaining the Wine Club Members you have

Gaining New Club Members

Why should you have to sign up more wine club members if you just take care of the ones you already have?! Because attrition is real, and every winery (and every business with a subscription model) has it. Not everyone is going to stay in your club forever. If you say you don’t have attrition, you aren’t measuring it correctly, or maybe not measuring at all. Here is the formula:


The industry average is between 28%-30% annually, and it’s something you should measure monthly and look at YOY.

Do you know what this means?!

That in order to just maintain your total wine club member number, you HAVE TO SIGN UP NEW CLUB MEMBERS!

This is where training and education for your tasting room staff come into play!

Retaining Your Wine Club Members

Now let’s talk about how you’re treating the club members you have. We recommend you start with the basics:
1. Know WHO they are, what they like, how they prefer to be contacted (email/phone/text). This can be done by surveying your club members and educating your staff on the importance of collecting data in the tasting room.
2. Speak to them in a unique way and make relevant offers. Let them know that you are paying attention to them and understand their needs and wants as a consumer.
Read about more ways to retain your members here: READ MORE

Final Thoughts

Your winery should have a way to generate consistent revenue, whether it’s a “wine club”, or a subscription model of some sort. In order to maintain the model, you have to sign up new members AND create ways to keep your current members with you.

Three things you can do today:

  1. TRAIN YOUR STAFF on HOW to convert guests to wine club members, why it’s important, how to capture data, and HOW to treat club members when they come in the tasting room.
  2. RETENTION PLAN! Put a plan in place for retaining your wine club members and incentivize your wine club manager for this.
  3. SURVEY your wine club members!

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