Tasting Room Performance Tracker

At VingDirect, we firmly believe “What Gets Measured Gets Managed!”

Did you know that wine club revenue represents 80%+ of a winery’s DTC revenue? In fact, most family wineries are only profitable in wine club shipment months.

We created our Performance Tracker to provide family wineries an immediate tool to increase tasting room results in real time. The VingDirect performance tracker has helped family wineries increase new wine club members by 75%, giving them the profit and cash flow they need to operate.

If you aren’t already setting monthly goals for sales and wine club sign ups, we’ll help you! And, we can also help you achieve your tasting room goals.

Armed with your goals and real time performance results, you have valuable information to make good business decisions on the spot. It’s the only wine industry tool that gives you this insight.

Our winery members tell us they can’t live without their performance tracker. Hear what they have to say!