Let’s face it. You already have a brand image and I’m not talking about your wine labels.
Think about your favorite brand. Do you have a picture in your mind of the products, or the store, or the experiences you’ve had with the brand? Lexus, Tiffany, Target, Four Seasons, Chick-fil-A. These are examples of strong brands. They’ve built experiences and products that have a strong image, and every detail counts…even down to the wording employees use.  Stellar brands aren’t accidents and they aren’t only for upscale products. These businesses have an intentional architecture that creates customer loyalty and those customers want to purchase and engage with their products.

Here’s the truth: your customers already have a feeling about your winery. If you haven’t built a strong brand, customers will engage with you once or twice and then move on to brands that build a better connection. If you haven’t built a strong brand, club members will be more inclined to cancel at the end of their commitment. It’s like being invited to a dinner party that isn’t memorable or special and where you don’t feel anything in common with the other guests. You might have a pleasant evening, but the next time you are invited you’ll probably have another engagement.

Okay, I hear you saying… “but we have good wine”. Sorry, but good wine is everywhere, including the local grocery store.
We are no longer selling wine, we are selling experiences…we are selling stories and connections. Most importantly, we are selling a lifestyle. If your stories, experiences and connections aren’t meaningful, if they don’t set you apart in a very unique way, your business will underperform. Good wine simply isn’t enough.

It’s never too late to build your brand. Start by thinking about what makes your winery unique and different. Family, artisan, boutique, great wine…while these points may be true, they are not unique.

ACTION ITEM: Brainstorm a list of your unique assets…things that are true for your winery! Have a huddle-up with your team for more input!

Time to make a list:

  • Think of your winery as if it is a person. What brands do you wear? Who do you hang out with? What about your hobbies, your favorite restaurant?
  • Take off your winery hat and think like your customer. If you were visiting your winery, what would you experience? What do you see when you drive into the parking lot, what is the winery ambiance? Are the hosts a reflection of your brand?
  • If you interviewed your guests – the ones who visit your website, attend an event, come to the tasting room…what 3 points would you like them to come away with? What do you want them to remember?

If you are a family winery and you’d like help with building a strong winery brand or revisiting your current brand message, we’re here to help! Email lindsay@vingdirect.com or call 512.308.2908 to get started today.