Reaching Out to Your Exes…Should You?!?

Don’t worry, we’re talking about your ex-wine club members here! Those who had so much love for you that they joined your club and shouted it from the rooftops. Sure, they might be gone now, but they loved you once, and they can love you again…with the right communication from you.

The good news is you are at “step one” already as you read this. You probably have a list of past wine club members, and guess what – it’s worth spending the time to create an action plan on how to reengage these folks. Several of our winery clients have reached out to their exes with great success, reestablishing a connection with them, and getting them to rejoin the wine club. Here’s how to get started…

GOAL: Reconnect/Reactivate


Pull those lists!

Start looking at your list of past wine club members, pulling as much data as you can. Look at:

  • those who have canceled within the past three years
  • cancelation reason
  • location
  • contact info. (phone/email/mailing address)
  • any notes you have that will give you more information about them for when you reach out (spouse/pet names/favorite wine/events attended)


Definitely separate local (those who could visit) vs. out of state because you’ll want to communicate with those two groups in a different way. You’ll feel comfortable inviting locals back for an exclusive experience, but if you offer this to out-of-state people, there will be a disconnect.

Communication Plan!

Make it a conversation, not a sale. Invite them back for an exclusive experience…tell them you’ve missed them…ask questions:

  • email: cta is clicking to schedule a visit
  • mail: exclusive invitation to visit
  • phone: “how are things”…list open-ended questions to ask in case you get stuck

The biggest learning wineries have had when doing this is to track this process better. Plan for what happens when someone calls in to book. Create a separate experience in your online booking system for their reservation. Create training for your staff so they feel prepared to reengage these club members when they come to visit. And don’t forget to DOCUMENT the DATA you get back!

This is intended to help you get started. Each winery is different and can utilize unique assets in order to better communicate. Please reach out here if you would like to discuss a specific plan for your winery, or join our DTC Hub and get all of the latest happenings in the wine industry!