To Our Winery Members & Friends,

We know times like these can make everyone anxious, especially family-owned businesses such as wineries. VingDirect has always been about supporting and helping others and today we are very much a family business like yours. We want you to know that we are here for you. If you have questions about how your business should move forward during this time, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Now is the time to communicate with others about what is happening at your winery.
Here are a few recommendations for staying in touch with your customers and followers during this time:

  • Pick up the phone – this is the time that makes the most sense to reach out to simply ask “How are you?”. You can provide information about closures, new hours, or special offers. If you don’t have the bandwidth to reach out to everyone, start with your top tier club members.
  • Email – send one TODAY informing everyone of your plan for COVID-19. Include ways to purchase wine…curbside pickup, complimentary delivery, or one cent shipping are some ideas!
  • Social Media – many people will be working from home or not working at all, which means they will more than likely be on social media checking for updates more than ever. Post your updates, as well as ways to purchase and enjoy your wines at home. Include photos of your winery to keep people looking forward to returning!
  • Website – add any updates on your home page, and make sure your events are up to date. Shipping offers should be linked in your digital marketing efforts with an easy click through to purchase.

The key is to continue to communicate in a relevant way. To ignore the situation and promote scheduled events or tastings is not the right message. If you need help crafting a message that makes sense for your winery, please email Lindsay here.

Stay Well,
Lindsay & Tammy