Success isn’t about price point, wine quality, or a great view! It’s all about team! Winning wineries have:

  • Engaged and focused management team
  • Clear communication (especially goals, brand, and expectations)
  • Training and skill-building
  • Adequate staffing

With these things in place, you will create a 5-star environment for guests…it all trickles down!

How do you create a 5-Star Team?!

  • Core values are at the core of everything
    • Incorporate questions asked during an interview to see if they match to your winery.
    • Communicate your Brand/Mission statement during onboarding
  • Visit other luxury places to get ideas. Go with your management team for team building!
  • Look at the data. If you can’t measure it, what’s the point?
    • Internal & External environment analysis
    • Establish goals and choose strategies to implement
    • Measure and evaluate employee performance
  • The best strategy is Care!
    • This starts with getting to know your employees. Find out personal information. What motivates them? Ask questions. Know their kids’ names and discover what they value.

Studies show that if an employee feels fairly compensated (as compared to the marketplace), money isn’t a motivator. Oftentimes a tasting room team member won’t have an opportunity to advance within the winery, so it’s very important to give them what they need. Learn what your employees value – ask them what they want from this job. Each one has different dreams and goals. How can you help them achieve their goals? In short, to hire and retain your “dream team”, differentiate your winery by changing your mindset about employees. Your team doesn’t owe you, you owe them!

Want to start creating your 5-Star Dream Team today? Go here to take our 30-minute online Boot Camp, “How to Engage & Retain Employees”.