There is no lack of data to review when managing a tasting room. How do you determine what to measure, and when? What do you have in place to help you get the data you need in order to help you reach your goals?

You likely have sales goals, traffic goals, and maybe wine club goals. You might also be responsible for managing your costs including salaries, wine pour and food expenses. And you may even have management meetings where short-term goals are discussed, like a backlog of a certain varietal, or wine club member sign ups in the weeks before the shipment.

With so many objectives, all the data can seem overwhelming and useless. We admit, we’re biased here. This is what we do because we know how important the data is. VingDirect offers a Tasting Room Performance Tracker to help you better measure and manage your data.

In our opinion, these are the very basic metrics you should be consistently collecting, evaluating and setting goals for:

  • Total Tasting Room Traffic (Tasters and Non-tasters)
  • Total New Wine Club Sign Ups
  • Wine Club Conversion Rate (New Wine Club Sign ups/# of Tasters)
  • Total Wine Sales (Excludes Shipping and Taxes)
  • Average Sales Per Taster (Total Wine Sales/# of Tasters)

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