To Our Winery Members & Friends

To Our Winery Members & Friends, We know times like these can make everyone anxious, especially family-owned businesses such as wineries. VingDirect has always been about supporting and helping others and today we are very much a family business like yours. We want you to know that we are here for you. If you have... View Article

Letter From Tammy

A Letter from Tammy I’ve been thinking a lot about 2008. The year of the financial crisis when distributors suddenly stopped ordering wine. The year that wineries woke up to the importance of the direct to consumer channel.  It took a crisis for our industry to focus on direct to consumer and those wineries who... View Article

Is Wine Club Still Important?

Is Wine Club Still Important? Absolutely! Your wine club members provide consistent revenue for your winery. They tell their friends about you- they are your brand advocates! And…wine club members are crucial to building your database! So, now let’s talk about two things you should be focused on to ensure your wine club doesn’t go... View Article

Outbound Telesales Tips and Best Practices

Recently we had the pleasure of sitting down with Marcela Pinzon, Founder/CEO of Vitis Vinifera Telesales to talk through best practices of outbound telesales. Marcela shared her insights below. “I’ve been selling wine for eighteen years. I owe a large part of my success, from picking up on tricks of the trade, or more realistically... View Article

Highlights from the 2019 VingDirect Forum

The 4th annual VingDirect Forum took place April 11, 2019 and drew another group of winery owners, managers, and other key players in the wine industry. This year’s theme, “Staying Relevant in a Competitive Marketplace” produced high-level panels addressing the life cycle of a winery customer through “The Evolution of a Brand”, “Leadership Leads to... View Article

How to Sell More Wine this Busy Season

Selling season is upon us! For most wineries, this season means higher traffic and sales, which sounds great, but when you peel back the layers and take a deeper look, you’ll find these perks often come with many hidden challenges. We’re addressing the top 3 challenges we hear about each busy season and offering suggestions... View Article

If You Build it, They Will Come…

So NOT true for the tasting room! We know now that you must take the steps and make an effort to drive qualified tasters to your winery. Gone are the days of sticking up a sign and having balloons out, waiting for people to walk in your tasting room. There are so many different channels... View Article

Wine Club Members: How to Keep Them?!

A guest comes into your tasting room, goes through a tasting experience with a host who makes a connection with them, and is invited to join the wine club. They say YES! Your new club member takes their first shipment and receives their discounts on that day. Great! Now what?! It’s important to have a... View Article

2018 In Review: What Flipped and What Flopped

Who Are We? Much like the wineries we work with, we are a family business. In 2009 our founder Tammy Boatright started VingDirect with the belief that if we could help family wineries grow their direct to consumer sales, the bottom line of their business would improve. To this day, we still believe that can... View Article

Holiday Season is Upon Us!

It’s that time of the year… U.S. retailers are gearing up for fourth quarter sales (“aka Holiday Sales”). In fact, the fourth quarter drives the largest percentage of sales for the year. Much to our surprise, the majority of wineries don’t take advantage of the fourth quarter. Perhaps it’s because they are coming off two... View Article
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