What Makes For A Luxury Experience | Part 1

Have I told you my Enterprise story? Enterprise, as in the car rental company. No? Okay, here goes. I’ve traveled a lot over the span of my career and there’s one part of the business travel experience that I especially dreaded – renting a car at my final destination. It was always my goal (and... View Article

Here’s One Thing To Do Today To Increase Wine Sales

What is one thing you can do today to increase wine sales to consumers? It’s simple… start tracking the number of tasters you see in the tasting room! You may wonder how counting your tasters will lead to increased sales, so here goes… It’s a fact: – Winery DTC (direct to consumer) begins with a... View Article

Why Do Wine Clubs Exist?

I was first introduced to the concept of wine clubs in 2004. I had just landed in California, working for Foster’s Wine Estates (now Treasury) and a very smart marketer with Beringer explained wine clubs to me. She said “it’s really incredible that consumers sign up for wine clubs… they don’t really get any benefits... View Article

Wine Sales Myths Busted | Part 1

What we expose in this the first of two articles is the truth behind what is really driving direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales, specifically sales made with direct customer interactions over the telephone. VinoPro has compiled data from more than $8 million worth of direct-to-consumer sales made for its strategic partners from Jan 1–Dec. 31, 2012. This... View Article

The Balance Between Keeping Loyal Customers and Selling Wine

How do you view your direct to consumer business? Are you in the business of buying loyal customers or selling wine? The two aren’t mutually exclusive, but the truth is that most wineries are more focused on selling a bottle of wine and less focused on capturing customer data. If you aren’t capturing customer data... View Article

Are Wine Industry Events A Good Investment?

It’s that time of the year. Most wineries are considering their calendar for the upcoming year and one of the biggest decisions will be whether to participate in industry events. We are often asked whether wine industry events are a good investment. We’re referring to the events sponsored by local wine associations, winegrowers associations, etc….... View Article

How To Win Over Your Wine Customers

As you leave the local elementary school sporting the “I Voted!” sticker, consider how easy or complicated the process was for you. Were there complicated and poorly written initiatives? A uninspiring line-up of candidates? A confusing ballot card or, God forbid, hanging chads? Your customers vote every time they visit you online. They vote whether... View Article

How Much Should Wine Tastings Cost?

I have visited a lot of Texas wineries. Okay, really a lot. The one thing I have learned during my travels is every winery is different as to how much a wine tasting costs, how many wines are offered to taste, and if there is any food offered. I have had new wineries even ask... View Article

Tune Your Sales Pitch For New Wine Club Members

We know you have heard an array customer questions, complaints and opinions about wine in your tasting room. We applaud your patience and straight face in such situations! These may be amusing after-work stories, but not so funny when they cut into your sales, and sometimes your paycheck. Here are some common customer concerns to... View Article
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