Create Your Own Path

When I hear “Virtual Tastings” or see another email land in my inbox with those words in the subject line, I cringe a little bit. Yes, I am all for them and they CAN be hugely successful for wineries, generating revenue and new club members…but are you going down the same path as every.other.winery.?

My goal for the wineries I work with is to create online experiences unique to their winery. Of course, you must first have a unique brand and something that sets you apart from the hundreds of wineries out there doing the exact same thing. (Remember…family-owned is NOT unique.)

The process of creating online experiences is no different than the process of creating tasting room experiences. Wineries must FIRST think about their brand and how they will incorporate those key messages into the experience. Your brand will affect EVERYTHING…from where you will be for the experience to what you will wear and what customers will see and hear.

So, let’s flip your mindset:

  • Use the words “Virtual Tastings” for internal purposes only, when planning with your team
  • Choose another set of words to describe the online experiences that you will create
  • Don’t be afraid of being different


  • Customers are getting MULTIPLE emails from wineries daily using the words “Virtual Tastings”, so you’re NOT standing out if you’re also doing this
  • Experiences that fit with your unique vision will result in higher sales and conversion
  • Wineries lose their identity when they start to follow in other’s footsteps, and the customer becomes confused

It’s okay to try things that are working for other wineries…I’m all about sharing ideas and testing what’s out there, but make it uniquely YOURS.

I’m almost finished creating our latest online training “Virtual Tastings 101” (cringed as I typed that) and I’ve realized that in order to be successful at online experiences, you must first know who YOU are, who your CUSTOMERS are, and create unique experiences for them that tie back to your winery. Speak to them as if they are an old friend! Create your own path!

-Lindsay Kana

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