Elevate Your Guest Experience

We’re all working hard to set ourselves apart by delivering an exceptional experience to our guests. Here’s the thing…we can tell you how great your guest experience is just by asking your employees how happy they are working at your winery.

Your guest experience is directly related to how your employees feel about you and your winery.

You want employees who offer new ideas and innovation!

  • Do their opinions count?
  • Are they asked to give input?
  • Do you report results back to them?

Your employee should be your biggest fan!

  • Do they know your story, the heart of your winery?
  • Can they tell a guest (or you) what makes you different?
  • Have you asked them why they work at your winery? (there are lots of options out there!)

Set employees up for success!

  • If you hold them accountable it’s up to you to train them. 
  • Have regular, in-person meetings to ask how they are doing, what can you do to support them?
  • Does your employee have someone who is acting as a mentor?

For more help with motivating and engaging with your team, email lindsay@vingdirect.com