It’s that time of the year… U.S. retailers are gearing up for fourth quarter sales (“aka Holiday Sales”). In fact, the fourth quarter drives the largest percentage of sales for the year.

Much to our surprise, the majority of wineries don’t take advantage of the fourth quarter. Perhaps it’s because they are coming off two major events: harvest and the tourist season. Perhaps they don’t view themselves as retailers. Or, perhaps they just don’t have the resources or talent to build successful marketing campaigns.

Whatever the reason, the fourth quarter is an area of untapped potential for wineries!

What can wineries learn from traditional retailers?

Which retail trends are the best fit for the wine industry?

-Gift Cards

    • 93% Of All Consumers Will Buy Or Receive A Gift Card This Year
    • Gift Cards Are The #1 Most Requested Present During The Holidays
  • 72% Of Customers Spend More Than The Value Of Their Gift Card

Wouldn’t your club members enjoy sharing “their winery” with their friends and family? What better way to introduce your winery to a new group of consumers?
Make sure your POS provider offers gift cards as an option – most do offer gift card solutions to their winery clients!

*VingTip: Offer club members the opportunity to purchase gift cards and consider offering $10 shipping (an exclusive club benefit) for $100+ gift cards. Don’t forget your inactive club members and purchasers…they probably have friends and family who enjoy wine!

-Corporate Gift-Giving

There are businesses which have been built entirely on the offering of corporate gifts. The idea is that many businesses and service professionals thank their best customers during the holiday season. These business professionals want impressive gifts that will have a perceived value that is greater than the actual value of the product.

What makes wine a perfect corporate gift?

  • The holiday season is the entertainment season. Wine is appreciated during the holiday season because clients will put the gift to practical use!
  • Wineries with a strong brand offer that intrinsic brand value to business clients. Wine isn’t easily price shopped…especially exclusive wines or wines that aren’t distributed nationally.
  • Wine is a luxury product – at a very affordable price.

*VingTip: Make sure that your most loyal customers and advocates (typically wine club members and purchasers) know you offer corporate gifts. Invite them to consider gifting their favorite wine club wines to their business clients. Consider special boxes or packaging to present your wine in the best holiday attire!

-National Retail Events: Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Each holiday season we eagerly wait to receive email offers from my favorite wineries on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And, we are usually disappointed. Black Friday triggers the official start of the holiday gift giving season, so if you believe your wine will make a wonderful gift, please show up with the rest of the retailers… with a promotion in your customer’s inbox!

*VingTip: The promotion doesn’t have to feature discounted wine. Consider a Black Friday event… offer some wine and nibbles to fatigued shoppers and seize the opportunity to showcase your wine in gift boxes!

If you want more great ideas for taking advantage of the Holiday Season and increasing fourth quarter sales, please email or call 512.308.2908