Often when we think of marketing in the wine industry, we primarily think of email marketing, but marketing should extend through more channels than just email. First and foremost, be sure your marketing has the common thread of your brand woven through it. Every campaign and outreach should always go back to the stories that are connected to your brand…think quality over quantity. Though brand and marketing are different, when they work together, the magic happens. Marketing is the sales driven tactic which stands behind brand. It is the call to action that drives sales. Marketing will use advertising (print, radio, TV), designs, collateral materials, email, and social media to build awareness for a brand and hopefully then call the consumer to action.

Tips for Effective Marketing:

  • Target your audience! To do this, you need to know your consumer better than anyone else. Are you reaching and attracting the right demographic? If not, consider options like expanding your consumer base or partnering with other brands that fit with you.

  • Create an “Elevator Pitch” to tell your story. This is a 30 second pitch that sells your brand and story. This should be sincere, consistent and engaging. Online you only have 20 blinks of your consumer’s eye to get their attention!

  • Social media and online marketing should be part of your integrated marketing plan. It is a very useful tactic to develop loyalty. Social media allows consumers to revisit memories they made at your winery. Through a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram photo or video, you’re able to take a potential one-time encounter with your guest, and prolong the experience by reminding the guest about your brand and their personal experience, therefore reinforcing their loyalty.

    • STATS: Today’s wine drinkers are using their smartphone to find information 64% of the time, 52% of the time to take action (such as leave a review), and 36% of the time to purchase wine. What are your consumers seeing about you on their smartphone?! *According to the Wine Market Council’s Survey (Wines & Vines)

  • Marketing your events: focus on more than the wine! Showcase your venue, the food, the mood, the lifestyle vibe. Focus on the sights and sounds of the event- do they fit with your brand?
    • Think outside the box! Invite press & media to your events by reaching out to the press with your launch details. If you have a unique product, get the word out! Bloggers, Facebook Live, Twitter Party, and Instagram live, can all be effective outlets to spread your message.

When planning for your different marketing channels, consider your goal for each. What audience are you seeking? Is your goal brand awareness, customer loyalty, wine sales, or to draw traffic? Next, think about what you can do to reach that goal…is it partnering up with other brands that align with your values? Maybe it’s rewarding your top purchasers that are not wine club members…surprise and delight goes a long way with creating customer loyalty!

Finally, remember that anything you share should always go back to and align with your “Elevator Pitch.” Produce quality over quantity content that takes your consumer on a journey and brings them back to your winery!

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