Traffic is down, competition is stiffer than ever before and we firmly believe wineries have the answers right in front of them… their customers. But capturing their ideas, their opinions and their perceptions isn’t easy. It’s been a manual, paper process which adds time and complication to actually using the results. We created a process to make it easy & affordable for wineries to find out what their customers are thinking.

Mystery Tasting Dashboards: We’ve been helping wineries with mystery tasting for years and we now have a dashboard for it, which makes the information ‘digestible’ and easy to use to improve your customer service and customer experiences.

Custom Mystery Tasting Dashboards

Survey Dashboards: Wineries who are achieving and exceeding their goals collect regular feedback from guests, customers and wine club members. Larger wineries have marketing managers and admins who are sending surveys and analyzing data. We’ve automated that process and taken the pain out of accumulating feedback – with a dashboard that provides you with year over year comparisons, trends, and results.
Custom Survey Dashboards