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Virtual Team Training Proposal Sent
Virtual Sales Training: Converting Guests to Wine Club Members | Sept 18
Virtual Sales Training: Converting Guests to Wine Club Members | Sept. 5
Virtual Sales Training: Sell More Wine to Your Tasting Room Guests | Aug 21
Live Webinar-Jump Into Action:Create Strategic DTC Plans for Your Winery|Aug28
Live Webinar: 5 Star Culture Part II-What Does it Mean for Your Winery? Nov 2018
Live Webinar: Every Event Counts - Ways to Come Out Ahead on Events | July 2018
$89/ ()
Live Webinar: Holiday Season is Upon Us - Spice Up Your Sales | Oct 2018
Live Webinar: Laws of Attraction-Get the RIGHT Tasters to Your Winery
Live Webinar: Year in Review - What Flipped & What Flopped? Dec. 2018
DTC 2016 Trends and 2017 Forecasts Recorded Webinar
DTC Sales Growth - Luck or Talent?
Heating Up Your Wine Club
WIne Club Insights from the Experts
Building A Strong & Successful Tasting Room Team
Delivering Exceptional Guest Experiences
Gearing Up for Selling Season
Leveraging the Value of your Customer Database
POS - Clear as Mud?
Recorded Webinar DTC Success: A Roadmap February 13, 2017
Recorded Webinar Tasting Room 101: Intro
Recorded Webinar Winery 101: Wine Business
Recorded Webinar: 2017 DTC Trends & 2018 Forecasts
Recorded Webinar: 5-Star Culture - What Does it Mean for Your Winery?
Recorded Webinar: Building Blocks of Wine Club-How Strong is Your Foundation
Recorded Webinar: Call Me - Outbound Phone Marketing
Recorded Webinar: Create Lasting Connections in the Tasting Room
Recorded Webinar: Got Wine? New & Creative Ways to Move Excess Inventory
Recorded Webinar: Wine Club - What's Next for Yours?
Recorded Webinar: Wine Club 101
Recorded Webinar:Attract Media Attention
Recorded Webinar:Branding-The Foundation of Your DTC Business
Recorded Webinar:Guest Experience When the Bar is Full
Recorded Webinar:Step Out of the Box & Create Profitable Winery Events
Recorded Webinar:Wanted-Excellent Employees:How to Recruit & Retain
Recorded Webinar:Wine Club Superstar:A Profile of Success
Social Media: New Learnings from Paul Mabray
Brand Creation
Brand Restoration
Mystery Tasting
New Wine Club Build
Order Cancellation
VingDirect Educational Growth Membership
VingDirect Performance Tracker + Online Portal Membership
Wine Club Assessment
Winery DTC Start Up Package
Regional Training: Outbound Phone Sales
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