Outbound Phone Sales, Outbound Hospitality, Outbound Telemarketing…

Whatever we call it, the truth is the thought of calling customers and club members inspires fear in the heart of winery owners. We associate outbound telemarketing with sleazy salespeople, but your winery customers don’t view you that way. In fact, they are thrilled when they see “their winery” calling.   The fact is that the most prestigious winery brands have adopted outbound telemarketing as an important part of their direct-to-consumer marketing strategy.


It works. Outbound telemarketing sells wine, keeps your customers informed of winery happenings, new releases, and special offers. And, best yet, if done in the right way, it strengthens your connection with your customers!

If you want to sell more wine and build better relationships with your customers there’s no doubt that outbound phone sales is a channel that you should consider.

Here’s another thing to consider… outbound telemarketing has the highest response rate and the highest average sale of any channel and September through December is prime time for outbound sales.   If you’re thinking about taking the plunge, this holiday season could be your debut!

You have two choices if you want to try outbound phone sales. You can do it in house, or you can outsource the project to a professional outbound telemarketing firm. If you have fewer than 500 wine club members, or just want to start with a small segment of customers, you can test the waters in house.  If you have a big wine club list or a big customer list (with phone numbers) you may achieve the best results with a professional firm. Either way, don’t let fear prevent you from utilizing one of the best channels available to grow your winery and customer relationships!

If you are interested in conducting phone calls “in house”, we have a recorded online class for you here to learn how to make it a success!