Building A Strong Wine Club for Future Growth

Opening a tasting room? We can help you build your wine club from the ground up! Your wine club members are your biggest asset,  your annuity, and your sustainability- make sure your club is built with a strong and solid foundation to retain them. We’ll assess your winery brand and assets and offer recommendations to help you build a club that is optimized for growth and success! Contact us to learn more about Building A Strong Wine Club.

Wine Club Assessment and Improvement

Do you have an existing wine club that’s stagnant? Is your attrition rate higher than the industry average? We can help you restructure your club to ensure it is reflective of your brand and help you maximize benefits for your club members in order to increase retention. Are you ready to take your club to the next level? Contact us now to get started.

Mystery Tasting

Don’t be in the dark about your most valuable direct to consumer channel! Let VingDirect help you measure and manage your tasting room staff performance. This online program allows you to see how your team is doing and learn what your guests really think about your tasting experience. We provide a Mystery Tasting Dashboard , recommendations, and let you know how you compare to others in the wine industry. Contact us here to learn more about our Mystery Tasting service.

Sales Training

VingDirect wants to help you grow your direct to consumer sales! We work with you to customize onsite sales training and we also offer monthly Virtual Trainings. Contact us today to learn about the unique trainings we offer.  Some of the trainings we offer are:

  • Converting Guests to Club Members
  • Selling More Wine to Your Tasting Room Guests
  • Building and Strengthening Your Tasting Room Dream Team
  • Phone Friendly Wine Sales
  • 5 Star Guest Experience


Direct to Consumer Recruitment

We know how important it is to go beyond the resume to find the person who will be a right fit for your winery. From creating the job description and the ad to interviewing and conducting reference checks, we aim to make the recruiting process smooth and pain free for our winery clients. Let us help you find the right person. We’ve successfully recruited for the following positions:

  • General Manager
  • Direct to Consumer Manager
  • Wine Club Manager
  • Tasting Room Manager

Building a Strong Brand

How do you differentiate yourself in the sea of wineries? VingDirect can help you peel back the layers to discover what it is that makes you unique – what sets you apart from your competitors. We will work with you and your team to deliver your message clearly through all your customer touchpoints. Contact us today to get started.

Direct To Consumer Improvement

Ever wonder what you might be missing? Would you like to know what you could be earning across all your direct to consumer channels? VingDirect delivers an assessment of your 12-24 month potential, along with specific direct to consumer recommendations and sales projections. Whether you are developing strategy, are building your budget or need to report to your bank, the direct to consumer improvement plan is the right place to start. Contact us here and get started today! 

Sales & Marketing: Annual Marketing Calendar & Email Campaigns

Increase sales, solidify branding and increase positive interaction with your clients! This package includes a comprehensive review of your current email marketing efforts, pulling sales data from your POS system to correlate what has been working (or not) for your email sales efforts. Upon review of your inventory, and in conjunction with the scheduled wine club shipments, we will create an annual plan to help increase your wine sales, branding, and interaction with your clients. Learn more about this service here.

 Winery DTC Start Up Package

The steps it takes to open a tasting room can be tedious and sometimes overwhelming, but we are here to help! We have helped hundreds of family wineries get their footing and know from experience that missing steps early on can be very costly and time consuming in the long run. Once you get your business running, we want you to move forward, not have to take steps backwards. We can help you distinguish yourself from the competition and ensure success for your DTC business! Learn more about this 3 month plan here.