DTC, DTC, DTC, it’s at the top of every winery’s list. But what in the heck does it mean?

DTC stands for Direct to Consumer (customer) and yes, this term is unique to the wine industry, probably because wine is one of the few products that must legally travel through a wholesaler or broker to reach the consumer.

Here’s the easiest way to think about DTC.  When the winery is selling directly to the consumer, that is a DTC sale.  If the winery is working through a 3rd party to reach the consumer, it is not a DTC sale. Simply put, you own the customer relationship with DTC and in the case of a 3rd party sale the 3rd party owns the customer relationship.

There are many avenues (or channels) a winery can take to reach the consumer.  Here are the main avenues:

  • Tasting Room
  • Email
  • Ecommerce
  • Events
  • Phone (outbound or inbound)
  • Mail
  • Social Media

What’s missing from the list? Many wineries think of wine club as an avenue to reach the consumer, but wine club is a product. It’s something a consumer purchases, it’s not the avenue they took to reach you. Make sense?

Oh, and not all avenues are created equal. Some avenues are good for building brand awareness and some are wonderful for signing up club members. Others are good for selling wine while other avenues are perfect for building relationships and customer loyalty.

If you want to increase DTC sales, set your goals and get educated about which avenues are best to use in reaching your goals, call Lindsay at 512.308.2908 or email us here!