Wine Club Member Path

When thinking about a wine club member loyalty program, we have to consider more than implementing a “point reward system”. Not everyone values discounts or dollar rewards, and building relationships is still king. Think about how and when you are communicating with your wine club members. Are you surprising and delighting them? Does your staff have a role in this? Do you know what your club members value, or why they love you?

The last thing we want is for someone to join the wine club, receive one thank you email, and never hear from us again except for shipments and email blasts. Creating a path for how you interact with club members is the first step to wine club retention! Here is a checklist to help you get started…

  • Customer Joins Wine Club
    • Welcome Package in the Tasting Room (collateral/balloons/social media shoutout)
    • Takes their first shipment
    • Enter into POS and Email Flow (drip email is preferred for this segment, see below)
      • First automated email sent that day or day after, welcoming them and introducing wine club manager/concierge (include their photo)
      • *see below for campaign drip ideas…if you don’t put this into place, you will need to create a plan for when you will email your new members (don’t throw them in and start sending blasts that you send to everyone else)
    • Staff writes personal thank you note to mail to new club member

  • One Year Anniversary
    • Phone call just to say thank you
    • Email to thank and invite them in for a special experience (virtual for out of state)
    • Special gift in shipment (increase value/personalization each year)

  • Birthday
    • Phone call
    • Email invite them in to celebrate (virtual for out of state) and/or send a discount code to use online
    • Special gift in shipment
    • Signed bottle of wine (owner or winemaker)

  • Annual Survey
    • Send to all club members to learn what they value and discover what they want to see from your wine club

  • Surprise & Delight Opportunities
    • Tasting Room
      • Hallmark Cards on hand – staff knows they can go and get one for wine club members who visit
      • Felt Boards or chalk boards on table with wine club member names
      • Personalize a flight for when they visit (or invite them in via email) and create a menu with their name on it
      • Glasses with “Ving Winery Wine Club Member”
      • Wrapped truffles brought out during tasting
      • Social Media photo/shout out


Most POS platforms don’t allow for a creative approach to email campaigns. The majority of our winery members are using Mailchimp or Klaviyo to create automated email flows for certain customer segments. To make this successful, you would enter the new club member into your email platform under the segment “new wine club” and the automated drip would begin. They would then receive emails that you created ahead of time, for a specified timeline…less work for you, and more communication for them.

These are ideas…please make sure you create something that fits with your brand message.

  • Drip Email Flow for (new) Wine Club Member
    • INITIAL EMAIL: Welcome to the club email
      • introduce wine club manager/concierge
    • 7 DAYS LATER: “More About Us”
      • include history or something that showcases your brand and what makes you unique
      • videos work well for this
      • introduce the team (photo)
      • CTA is link back to website
    • 21 DAYS LATER: “Wine Club Highlights” (the CTA will depend on what you’re highlighting)
      • Upcoming Events
      • Personal Virtual Tasting Opportunity
      • Tasting Experiences
      • Wine Showcase
      • Customization for shipments (if available)
      • How to book a reservation

*When the automated flow ends, they will still be in your main wine club segment and start to receive newsletters/offers you send to all club members.

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